• Moratti oleodinamica

    ((Production of hydraulic cylinders "made in Italy"))


    Long experience and sophisticated technology allow us to guarantee fast delivery and satisfactory terms.


    Our products are made only from the best materials, certified and fully guaranteed because the quality is our priority.


    No complains because our cylinders are individually tested before delivery.

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  • Moratti oleodinamica

    ((a long history with forty years of experience with excellent references))


    The Moratti hydraulic cylinders, can be used for different applications in the industrial sector, but not only.


    In this fild, hydraulic cylinders have many uses and we receive often orders coming from this sector.


    For any kind of farm machinery that working the land, are used the hydraulic cylinders for the mechanical process. This is the sector where the cylinders are used more.

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  • Moratti oleodinamica

    ((customare satisfaction is our flag))

    Complete products.

    Both standard and special cylinders with different fields of application.


    The highest levels of reability for products made entirely in the company.


    Where necessary, we also provide a repair service for damaged cylinders, including site.

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